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The Sage Garden Story

The idea for the Sage Garden was developed by Natasha Grogan in Melbourne. Natasha has an Advanced Diploma in Rudolph Steiner Education, a Bachelor of Education and Diploma in Horticulture

Her working experience includes, ten years working as a nanny and five years teaching experience as a Garden Specialist for the Stephanie Alexander Foundation. Natasha has dedicated her life to teaching children to grow. In 2013 The Sage Garden became Natasha’s full time passion, in between celebrating her daughter turning one and falling pregnant with her son! The Sage Garden began as a home based program working with families building or re-establishing their veggie gardens and teaching them to grow their own organic food.

It soon became evident that there was a lack of organic gardening education for children in the early years. With her teaching background she began to develop gardening incursions for kindergartens, child care centres and primary schools. These incursions have become the foundation of The Sage Garden, reaching more children and getting them excited about growing their own food, connecting them with nature and encouraging the incorporation of sustainable practices into early learning education.

The Sage Garden has expanded in a very short time and now reaches more children through its involvement with various groups and community organisations running gardening workshops. Over the years The Sage Garden has worked with Phrahan market, Spring into Garden with Stonnington Council, Manningham Community Garden and the Dumbo Feather Fete to name a few.  The Sage Garden has also applied its expertise by bringing in Nick (Snoop) Mitchell (Natasha’s husband and qualified Horticulturist). Together they custom build veggie gardens in homes and early learning environments all over Melbourne, transforming spaces into thriving veggie gardens.

Through her work in The Sage Garden Natasha has developed a great network of like minded people. She has been noticed by and has been interviewed by The Design Files http://thedesignfiles.net/2013/01/interview-natasha-grogan-of-the-sage-garden/, Dumbo Feather http://www.dumbofeather.com/articles/the-sage-gardener/ Green Magazine, Engaging Women http://engagingwomen.com.au/stories/natasha-grogan/, The Slow Poke http://theslowpoke.com/interview-the-sage-garden/#, The Herald Sun, 3 Triple R and 3AW. Natasha has written articles for the Dumbo Feather Blog http://www.dumbofeather.com/articles/how-to-grow-little-gardeners/ and The Planthunter http://theplanthunter.com.au/people/play-date-natasha-grogan/and designed gardens for the set of ‘Little Lunch’ on the ABC and Design Files Open House 2013. Natasha feels like The Sage Garden has the ability to expand even further, to get more people into growing their own food. Home gardening is now a part of popular conversation and Natasha is excited to be a part of it.

Reflecting on the most important aspect of education Natasha sees above and beyond anything else it is the education of the whole child. Connecting the child with themselves, those around them and the world around them. Although Natasha’s passion is in teaching children to grow their own organic food she can see education itself as a whole and wanted to incorporate this philosophy in the early learning programs offered by The Sage Garden. Thinking about what she wanted for her own children Natasha sees The Sage Garden as a place of holistic education. Therefore in 2017 Music Therapy and Yoga incursions grow alongside the organic gardening incursions, offering Early Learning and Child Care Centres all over Melbourne education that reaches the child’s body, mind and soul. The Sage Garden now offers; gardening to connect the child with nature and to teach them to respect and care for the world around them, music to nourish the child’s sprint and to create lasting connections with others and yoga to connect the child with their inner self and to teach mindfulness.

Thank you for joining us.

The Sage Garden, Teaching Children To Grow