Panya Ward: Yoga

Long before becoming a mother herself, Panya delighted in teaching children yoga – not just because it’s so much fun but also because she loved to see first hand the positive effects it could have on a child. And now that she has her own little one, she feels even more passionate about her work. In this modern world full of challenges, excitement and temptation, Yoga brings a moment of calm to an otherwise very ‘busy’ little life. By teaching children how to calm themselves through breath or settle their thoughts by balancing on one leg, Panya offers valuable tools to support and nourish a child’s development.

Panya trained as a Yogalates Instructor in Australia, 2007 and then in 2010 she did her Children’s Yoga Training while living in London. She has taught in Schools and Kindergartens throughout Australia and The UK.

Panya’s yoga incursions are nature based and teach strength and calm from within.

Teaching children to grow through movement and mindfulness.