The Sage Garden – Holistic education provider

Evolution. Change. Growth.

These are all big things, inevitable things. This year The Sage Garden has taken on its biggest change. We have grown from teaching children to grow their own organic food to becoming a holistic education provider. The Sage Garden is about the education of the whole child. In 2017 we are now focussing on delivering education in the early years that connects with the child body, mind and soul. It is our aim to support and guide fellow educators to delivering education that is special and mindful. Gardening to connect the child with nature and to teach them to respect and to care for the world around them, music therapy to nourish the child’s sprint and to create lasting connections with others and yoga to connect the child with their inner self and to teach mindfulness.

This change perhaps requires an explanation. Maybe this step requires me to write down how this evolution occurred. Back in the day, 1997 to be exact, I was finishing year 12 and had my sites set on Melbourne University to study Early Childhood Development. With the impulses of any good 18 year old I changed my mind, deferred and moved to London to be a nanny, where I stayed for almost two years. During that time my love for teaching young children only grew. I also discovered organic gardening and my passion to teach children to connect with nature, to respect the world we live in and how to grow their own organic food also developed. That path took me to where I am today, a long winding path including studying at Steiner, a Bachelor in Education, a Diploma in Horticulture, lots of nannying and doing what I had intended – teaching children to grow.

I have been working with children for 20 years now and above all else I see myself as an educator. In the last 20 years I have seen childhood change dramatically. Just as my childhood was different to my parents and my own children’s different to my own. The biggest change I have seen is how quickly children are growing up and of course how technology has changed they way we live. In this modern world I started to reflect on the skills I have that can help nourish the young minds and souls entering into this big world. I want children to be seen, to be heard and to feel reached out to. I want to nourish the dream like state of childhood for as long as possible. With this I realised there was more I could to do teach to whole child and of course within this I embraced that we all respond to different influences and stimulus. Watching my own children grow and witnessing how so many different early childcare environments are run, I had a ‘Eureka’ moment and saw outside my own strengths and passions. I realised I needed more educators to support me and The Sage Garden in teaching children to grow. And now we are making that happen.

The Sage garden is a holistic education provider, with 3 different nature based incursion groups for educators around Melbourne to choose from. Rebecca Earl our music therapist will teach children to grow by nourishing children’s sprint and guiding them to create lasting connections with others. Panya Ward our yoga educator will teach children to grow by connecting the child with their inner self and by teaching mindfulness.

As for me, I will continue to run my organic gardening incursions, for this is my greatest joy. I will also continue to teach families to grow their own food by building or bringing new life into existing garden beds. I will also continue to work with community groups, councils and with event organisers to get as many hands in the soil and growing their own organic food as possible.

So that is the story…in a nut shell if you will.

All the information you need is on the website (which will soon be getting a make over) and if you have any comments or queries please email me at

Thank you for joining us on this process of change and continuing to be such an inspiring and fun community to be apart of.

Natasha Grogan

My broccoli is all leaves…

Let’s talk broccoli for a minute (literally my babes are banging at the door. LOL).
Lots of friends and friends of The Sage Garden have been telling me there broc’s are “all leaf, no beef”, in other words they have lots of leaves but no sign of the main head. Here are some reasons why this might be happening, but first it helps to know what variety you have planted, therefore what you are expecting to find. Broccolini and broccoli, sprouting broccoli all grow very differently.
Okay so here you go:

  • Your plant may have not received enough water as a seedling or the plant has dried out for prolonged periods during growth
  • You may have planted your broccoli plants too close together
  • Your broccoli may have been damaged by pest or disease as a seedling causing it to go blind 



The most common reason for your broccoli having too many leaves is that it is still GROWING!! Yes my friends the most common answer is patience. I have been known to cut off some of the leaves around the base to tell the plant to focus on the main game and I always make sure I am keeping the watering consistent. Other than that just wait. Remeber most plants can take up to 14 weeks to mature, that’s a long time.
I would love to know how you are going, and if you get the crop you want or you get a practical gardening lesson this time around. I have a few in my garden that don’t look too good and I know it is cause I got greedy and planted way too many things on one bed, but they might surprie me yet.